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Wymeswold Road Character Property

Clerk: Hellen Jarvis
52 Springfield Close, Burton
on the Wolds, Loughborough
LE12 5AN

Tel: 01509 880596

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    Hoton Playing Field

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Hoton Parish Council provides your local services. Our website includes a wealth of information about how we conduct business and what we do. Use the search or browse the site to find whatever you are looking for. If you can't find the information you require then please contact us.

Active travel and social-distancing funding options

We have the opportunity to apply for funding from Leicestershire County Council to improve active transport and social-distancing in a Covid-19 environment. Details of the types of thing we can apply for funding for can found in the document below. Please email any suggestions you have to Cllr Mel Doherty


Would you like to be a 'voice' for your community?
Hoton has a vacancy for one councillor

Hoton Parish Council is asking any resident passionate about their community to consider becoming a Parish Councillor.

Parish councillors serve the local community by engaging with local residents and deciding what services and projects the parish council will deliver to improve the quality of life for those living in the village of Hoton and elsewhere in the parish. Your current councillors find this an enjoyable and rewarding position.

Being a parish councillor is a very rewarding way of contributing to your community, and in particular making a difference to the way things get done locally. It need not involve a huge commitment, but does give you the opportunity be involved in making decisions and producing plans for the benefit of the Hoton community.

Find out how to get involved.


Hoton's coronavirus support network and other coronavirus related information

For further information on how to obtain help or to volunteer to support the community during the COVID-19 pandemic please visit our dedicated page using the link above.

The page also contains links to Government and NHS advice on helping to delay the spread of the virus.

Latest News

Hoton Parish Council News - August 2020

New councillor for Hoton
Welcome to Helen Dargie, who responded to the request for residents to step forward and has been formally co-opted as a parish councillor. We have one more vacancy, so if you would also like to be a 'voice' for your community, please do think about taking on this rewarding role. Contact the clerk or speak to one of the current councillors if you are interested; further details of what is involved can be found on our website at More »

Planning application
The parish council has concerns about plans to lift restrictions on the operation of Hoton Stores which could lead to an increase in traffic, and in particular HGVs, using Wymeswold Road. The application documents can be viewed on the Charnwood Planning Portal using reference P/20/1079/2 and any comments should be sent to using that reference number. The deadline for submitting comments is 11 August 2020, although they may take into consideration comments made after that date if a decision has not yet been made. A direct link to this and all other local planning applications may be found in the planning section of our website.

Playing Field
The playing field, tennis courts and play equipment have re-opened; please read the instructions for use on the notice board at the entrance to the field and observe social-distancing guidelines at all times.

The playing field has traditionally been looked after by a working party of volunteers, mainly parents of those using the field. We need a new generation of enthusiastic residents to help with the upkeep of this valued community asset. If you have used the play equipment recently you will have noticed that following the long closure it needs a little TLC and cleaning to make it pleasant to play on, and a couple of items need minor repairs or repainting. New swings seats have been ordered and we could do with a handyman to swap them with the old ones. We also have a community orchard and a wildlife area which needs some 'garden maintenance' work.

Our new councillor, Helen Dargie, has volunteered to co-ordinate a response to this need. Please email if you are willing and able to get involved in this village activity, which will be organised in accordance with Covid-safe guidelines.

Highways funding
We will be applying for funding from Leicestershire Parish Council to support residents' active travel in a Covid-19 environment. There are a number of options designed to aid walking, cycling and bus travel, which include edging back of overgrown vegetation to create more space for pedestrians and temporary speed restrictions on minor roads. Cllr Melanie Doherty is collating suggestions for improvements to help our residents get about more easily on foot or by bike in and around Hoton; please email any ideas to . A full list of the options available can be downloaded from our website.

Burial Ground
For the past few years, the parish council has supported the parochial church council by using our contractors to maintain Hoton's burial ground, with the church making a contribution towards the costs. Unfortunately, the loss of income from weddings has meant that the church is not able to fund the maintenance in the current climate and we are working to find a suitable solution because it is a part of the village that we care about. We are hoping that like-minded residents will donate their time and gardening skills to help maintain the burial ground so that it is an attractive place to visit and pay respects. If you are willing to be added to a rota for maintenance please contact the clerk.

The burial ground is open to anyone to visit; there are many interesting gravestones to explore, including a Commonwealth War Grave dedicated to one of the two residents of Hoton who lost their lives in World War I. It can be accessed through the gate on the corner of Wymeswold Road and extends round the back of the church.

Telephone kiosk
The telephone kiosk book share remains out of bounds. This is because there is a risk of passing Covid-19 via the books and door-handle. This position will be reviewed in September.

Publication of accounts
The accounts for the year ended 31 March 2020 will be available for public inspection between Monday 10 August and Friday 23 September. Further information will be published on the financial page of the website.

Police report
There were three crimes reported in May; a vehicle crime, criminal damage and an attempted residential burglary. At the time of writing, no police report has been received for June or July.

Next Parish Council Meeting
The next meeting will be on Monday 7 September 2020. This is likely to be via the Zoom platform and details of how to 'attend' the meeting will be posted on our website and the noticeboards with the agenda. If you wish to be sent an agenda you should sign up to our mailing list at . Residents are always welcome at our meetings; time is allocated for your questions or comments. » Less

Posted: Fri, 07 Aug 2020 07:52 by The Parish Clerk

Hoton Parish Council News May 2020

The ban on public gatherings led to new legislation allowing parish councils to meet 'remotely' and on 4th May Hoton Parish Council's first ever 'virtual' meeting was successfully held via the Zoom platform, when councillors were joined by members of the public and the county councillor. Meetings will be held in this format until rules on social distancing allow face-to-face meetings. You do not need access to the internet to 'attend' as it is possible to join by telephone. More »

The new legislation did not cover the annual parish meeting and this was postponed until gatherings of more than two people are permitted.

Neighbourhood Plan
We are pleased to report that Charnwood Borough Council have issued a decision statement that the Wolds Villages Neighbourhood Plan may proceed to referendum. Unfortunately, the current 'lockdown' will prevent any referendum taking place in the near future, but this does mean that the plan can be given significant weight in decision-making when planning applications are determined. The referendum version of the plan will be available to view on our website in due course.

Closure of the play equipment and tennis courts
The government has required, by law, that communal places within parks, such as playgrounds and tennis courts are closed to the public. This is to reduce social contact and because coronavirus (Covid-19) survives on surfaces. Please do not allow your child(ren) to use the play equipment at Hoton Playing Field.

The open spaces within Hoton Playing Field remain open for your daily exercise, but please adhere to the government's social-distancing guidelines.

Telephone kiosk
The book share in the telephone kiosk has also been put out of bounds to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Visiting the kiosk is not an essential journey.

Coronavirus information
The parish council website has a page dedicated to coronavirus information, including how to access help from the village support group. Go to

Garden waste and bonfires
Please be considerate and respect the needs of others and avoid burning garden waste if possible. People with respiratory problems are extremely vulnerable to the effect of smoke inhalation and requiring treatment for this puts them at risk of exposure to Covid-19. In addition, many residents are spending more time at home and the nuisance from bonfire smoke may prevent them from spending time in their gardens, which may be the only place where they can get exercise, relax or enjoy some fresh air.

The brown bin collections of garden waste have started again on a four-weekly cycle (the next is on Monday 18th May) and some of the County Council tips will open on the same day – the nearest ones to Hoton will be those at Mountsorrel and Melton Mowbray.

Councillor vacancies
We have two vacancies for seats on the parish council so, if you would also like to be a 'voice' for your community, please do think about taking on this rewarding role. Contact the clerk or speak to one of the current councillors if you are interested; further details of what is involved can be found on our website.

Police report
There were no crimes reported in either March or April.

Next Parish Council Meeting
The date of the next meeting has not been set but details will be posted on the website at least three days in advance of the meeting. If you wish to be sent an agenda you should sign up to our mailing list at . Residents are always welcome at our meetings; time is allocated for your questions or comments. » Less

Posted: Sat, 09 May 2020 13:31 by The Parish Clerk

Hoton Parish Council News - March 2020

Improvements to Vinetree Terrace
The county council has agreed to the parish council's request to install a dropped kerb to make it easier for those in wheelchairs or with pushchairs to cross Vinetree Terrace near its junction with Loughborough Road. It is hoped that this will be put in place in late spring.

Residents' meeting
The Annual Parish Meeting for electors in Hoton will be held at 7.45 p.m. on Monday 4th May in Hoton Village Hall. All residents are welcome to find out what your parish council has done in the past year and the plans for the coming year. There will also be the opportunity to discuss anything you consider important to the people of the Parish of Hoton. More »

New councillors needed
We need two more parish councillors. If you would like to see improvements in where you live or have a say in how your council tax is spent, please consider taking on this rewarding role. Contact the clerk or speak to one of the current councillors if you are interested; further details of what is involved can be found on our website.

Police report
There was a report of illegal fox hunting in December and there were two residential burglaries reported in January, both involved garages. In one, the suspects managed to enter the garage and take items; in the other the suspects were disturbed whilst attempting to gain entry to the garage. In February, there was a theft from a business premises.

East Midlands Airport Community Impact Survey
East Midlands Airport is seeking your views in an online survey. This can be found at

Next Parish Council Meeting
The next meeting will be held following the Annual Parish Meeting on Monday 4th May 2020 in Hoton Village Hall. Residents are always welcome at our meetings; time is allocated for your questions or comments. » Less

Posted: Mon, 16 Mar 2020 12:06 by The Parish Clerk

The July/August issue of the Christian Link can be found on the community pages.